The Communicator

I have visited and stayed onboard the radio ship MV Communicator a few times. The ship was home to Laser 558, Holland FM and Veronica Hit Radio whilst anchored in and around the North Sea before she eventually ended up in the Orkney Islands where she was used to broadcast a local station on 105.4 MHz in 2004.

The following photographs were taken by me in the summer of 1995 when the MV Communicator, formerly Gardline Seeker, was being used to transmit the programmes of Veronica Hit Radio from an anchorage at Trintelhaven in the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands.

MV Communicator


MV Communicator
MV Communicator


The AM transmitter


Some redundant transmitters


The small offshore radio museum onboard


The newsroom


Got to love the old cart machines


Walter & Arie Swets doing a bit of cleaning. The Trintelhaven Yacht Club is in the background


Mike Davies with a beer…


The ladies join us onboard


Walter Simons


Arty farty photo of the satellite dish used for uplink/downlink purposes


The food processor (if music be the food of life)


The beast!


The N307 highway runs across the dijk separating the IJsselmeer & The Markermeer


Your onboard café!


Ding Ding!