Personal Computing

I’ve owned various Atari ST’s and an Atari Falcon over the years and still rate them very highly. Reluctantly, I eventually went to the dark side and got myself a Windows PC set-up. However, I think that Microsoft Windows is a very poor operating system and has only got where it is today by marketing brute force. The Atari OS was much better, and Atari machines in particular are ultra reliable and make fantastic use of meagre hardware resources.

I’m a bit of a supporter of Linux, and although I don’t use it on a daily basis, I have had a few desktop PCs on which I installed various flavours of Linux. At some stage, I hope I can finally ditch Windows and go to Linux myself!

As for Apple Macs, excuse me whilst I have a giggle at the iSheep that fork out for over-hyped and over-priced bits of hardware. It’s not cool, it’s just silly!

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
My flagging interest in computing was revitalised somewhat in early 2012 with the launch of the British-designed Raspberry Pi, a cheap PC on a small board with just 256Mb of memory and costing about 40 dollars.

It runs various flavours of Linux and was originally designed to be a cheap bit of hardware that was virtually unbreakable from a programming point of view so that it would encourage kids to learn how to program without wrecking the family PC. The cheapness and graphic capabilities of the PC also appealed to those people wanting a cheap media centre PC.