For The Love of Vinyl

I guess that many people reading this post are like me and have a large vinyl record collection dating back to when they were teenagers or even younger. I think I was about 13 when I bought my first piece of 7″ vinyl.

I carried on buying vinyl up until about 1990 when I started purchasing CDs instead. I’ve only sold one piece of vinyl and that was because I had a duplicate, and to this day I still have all my 45’s and LPs.

Furthermore, I have converted some of them to digital format, as I outlined in an article before. You can read that here.

Many vinyl fans will tell you that CDs just don’t have the same sound as vinyl, and artwork fans will tell you that you can only really appreciate record cover artwork when it is displayed on a much bigger canvas than the small slip of paper that comes with a CD!

Now slip that vinyl on and enjoy both the sound and the artwork!