Radio Caroline/Radio 819

The Ross Revenge, the famous radio ship used by Radio Caroline from 1983 to the present day
The Ross Revenge, the famous radio ship used by Radio Caroline from 1983 to the present day
Mike Davies/Dixon/Coconut
Chris Adams, ex VOP & Radio Caroline DJ
The legendary tender operator Dave ‘The Fish’ Fisher
Nick Jackson
The Fairwind, the tender owned and skippered by ‘Dave The Fish’
Shaun Tilley, Ron van der Plas, Peter Moore
Leaving the Ross Revenge on the Dreamboat Annie tender
Nigel Harris, Dave & Colin Peters
Arie Swets/Harry Anderson
Station Manager Peter Moore
Neil Gates
Newly made cross arms for the aerial tower
Working on the new aerial tower
Port side of the Ross Revenge
Two tenders arrive at the same time, much like London buses 😉
More crew arrive on the ‘Fish Boat’
Ron van der Plas
One very drunk Arie Swets!
That tower is looking impressive
Oops, over we go!
The Dutch studio after a bad storm!
Peter Chicago, hero to many, something else to many others…
The Fish Boat
A calm North Sea evening
Ian Mac looking out for a supply tender!
Communications array!
The Fish hits the airwaves with his selection of heavy rock!
Beautiful night on the North Sea
Tower erecting
Nick Jackson tests the strength of the new tower
Ian Mac and the mullet!
The Harrison Monster & Steve Satan on the ‘Fish Boat’
Let’s rock & roll!
Such a pleasant young man 🙂
Arie in the Radio Caroline newsroom
Mike Davies enjoying the peace & solitude of the North Sea
The flying Dutchmen, Walter Simons & Colin Peters
Steve Masters & Mike Davies in their typical fashion gear 😉
Poolster circling the Ross Revenge
One of the infamous ‘bucket’ aerial systems!
Mr Cool at the controls; Ron van der Plas
Fred van Amstel
Dutch studio mixer & cart machines
Mr Smooth; Dave Asher
World Mission Radio/SW studio
Dutch, Irish & Brits all happily doing radio on the North Sea
Steve Conway, Dave Asher, Mirjam & Walter
North Sea gossip session
You need big tractor tyres!
Dutch DJs: Walter, Mirjam, Erik & Fred
Noel hauling the ropes!

Chris Kennedy

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