Playback Magazine

Playback, latterly Playback RadioWorks, was a professionally designed and printed A5 monthly magazine for people interested in radio. It was distributed to key people in the UK and European radio business, but also had a sizeable number of subscribers that had no professional connection with radio. It lasted for just about three years and 34 issues were produced in that time. Sadly, in early 1997 a decision was made to close the magazine due to financial and time restraints.

The magazine was started initially by Mike Kerslake, but after the first 16 issues were produced a new partner in the shape of legendary jingle producer Steve England and his company Alfasound came forward. We gained another partner and major editorial provider when John Brocks’s RadioWorks partnership joined the party and issue 23 announced details of this!

The magazine featured a varied diet of news, reviews and features, and was widely regarded as an excellent read by many people. Some of our subscribers and contributors were, and still are, heavily involved in radio and their knowledge and support made the magazine a far more interesting and clear read than the weekly Radio Magazine produced by Howard Rose!

However, the good times were not to last, simple economics and lack of advertising support from radio-related businesses made life very difficult, and although the magazine could have just about continued financially, there just wasn’t the free time available to do a proper job on it, so sadly after much soul-searching the magazine had to close.

There’s still a chance the magazine may be resurrected, possibly as a quarterly review and feature-type publication, but it all depends on time and support. If you are interested in supporting such a publication, then please do get in touch with me. I will be delighted to hear from you!

As for this Playback section of the web site, well in the not too distant future I shall be putting up some of the excellent articles and features that originally appeared in the printed magazine, and maybe we will introduce some new features as well!

All remaining back issues of the printed version of Playback RadioWorks magazine have recently been given to Radio Caroline’s sales organisation to help them raise funds and I suggest you contact them direct if you are interested in buying a copy or two.