Radio Geronimo

As a youngster passionately interested in radio I was very aware of a station that had broadcast for a short time from Monte Carlo to the UK. It played progressive music and had a cult following. It had ceased transmissions a year or two before I had started actively listening Continue Reading

Scooter Memories

I thought some people might be interested in some old photos of various scooter related events I attended back in the 1980’s. See my collection of Scooter Memories here Apologies for the not great quality, the scans are of very old photos taken with a very basic camera.

Vinyl Junkie

There are a lot of articles and comment around the internet at the moment regarding the 64th birthday of the vinyl 45 record being introduced to the UK by RCA in 1949. Even that evil company Apple has managed to get on the bandwagon by offering a pair of songs Continue Reading

MV Monkleigh

15 December 2012 Back in July 2012 I posted about a vessel I came across in Milford Haven harbour. My old pirate radio friend Walter Simons and I had wondered if it could be converted to an offshore radio ship. At the time the Monkleigh was up for sale and Continue Reading

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