Offshore Radio Events

Radio Event in Kent, England.

Stuart Jordan-Vint, Nigel Harris and Glyn. (Dave Richards) The lady is Fiona, Glyn’s first wife.

Radio Day in Calais, France.

Nick Jackson & Mike Davies at an OEM/FRC event in Calais, France. The kind French listeners even kept us well supplied with beer as we chatted with them.

Radio Day in Utrecht, Nederlands.

Radio 819 DJs Colin Peters, Mirjam Verhoef, Walter Simons, Erik Beekman and station manager Nico Volker, at a radio event in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Another trip around the Thames Estuary, this time on the Waverley paddle steamer. In the photo is Steve England & Nick Jackson. Between them is Eddie Austin who Steve knew from pre Radio Atlantis. From what Steve told me they were both involved in a land-based pirate station, possibly called Channel Radio, or something similar. Eddie did one or two programmes for Radio Atlantis, but I believe they were on tape and he never worked on the ship.

An earlier trip to the Radio Forts on a much smaller boat!

The ‘original’ Robin Banks (Adcroft), Steve England’s son Simon (S2Blue) and Chris Elliot. Steve, Simon and myself were heading out on a trip around the forts and Robin & Chris met us at the departure point for a chat and catch up. As can be imagined Robin had a huge cache of stories from his radio days, and it’s so sad that he was never able to get them into print before he died in 2018.

Robin Banks (Adcroft) & Eddie Austin Photo: Steve England
Mike Davies & Simon Prentice compare the size of something or other…
Photo: Steve England
Photo: Steve England
Photo: Steve England
Photo: Steve England
Photo: Steve England
Photo: Steve England

Radio Event in London.
This was held at St Margaret’s Hall in Woodhouse Road, Leytonstone. This particular one was the 3rd Caroline Movement Convention and was held on Saturday 23rd March 1985.

Well known hypnotist Paul McKenna when he was working for Radio Caroline, and before TV fame & fortune came his way a year or two later!

Tim Shepherd & John Burch. Tim later went onto work for the VOP and then Radio Caroline. John Burch has kindly provided the following information: Tim was one of a number of interviews I undertook with land based pirate staff. He was indeed talking about EST. I had also spoken to Peter Rivers, Andrew Heukin and Geoff Rogers from Radio Jackie, Nick Bradbury from Radio Channel International and Ray Adams and Martin Caine from South East Sound. I think Iain Johnston from SES was probably there too! I also interviewed Paul Chinnery from East London Radio. There were also interviews and stage appearances from Gregg Bance (Arnold Layne), Peter Clarke, Tony Gareth, Tom Hardy, Benny James, Andy Johnston, James Kaye, Keith King, Carl Kingston, Quentin Martin, Bob Mathews, Paul McKenna, Bruce Purdy, Dave Richards, Bill Rollins, Alan Trainer, Kevin Turner, Stuart Vincent and Alan West. You may remember we also arranged a special live message broadcast by Erin Kelly from the Communicator at 1100 together with her playing John Lennon’s Imagine for everyone at the event. Dave Windsor provided a specially recorded insert from the studios at Riviera 104 and Simon Barrett also provided a specially recorded message as he was actually on the tender en route back to the Ross Revenge while the event was under way. Laser’s John.L.Moss also provided a recorded insert for the event. There were lots of films shown at the event, together with a raffle and auction and of course the usual sales stands from the RNLI, CM and Anoraks UK.
Chris Cortez (Minter) being interviewed. Bill Rollins is perched upon the speaker to the left.
Chris Cortez being interviewed by John Burch as part of the Anorak of the Year contest. The eventual winner was Barrie Johnson of Anoraks UK
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